This is your first step towards having the body (and life) you want. Now I'm going to show you exactly how to get it.
Let's face it, being out of shape sucks and so does everything that comes with it; low energy, a lack of confidence, and feeling lousy about yourself.

You've been putting your health and fitness off for way too long and your body is showing the years (maybe decades) of neglect.  
You owe it to yourself to look and feel amazing and actually be happy with yourself.

You also owe it to your kids to show them what it means to live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Watching dad sit on the couch drinking beer and watching football is not inspiring to any child.

And despite what the media is telling you, the "dad bod" is not hot.

So let me ask you a question: If you don't take action now, when will you?
Your Excuses Are Keeping You Fat
Look, I get it. You're busy, probably really busy. As a busy dad, you have a ton of stuff on your plate and exercise is often the last thing on your to-do list.

But if you are ever going to fit into those size 34 pants or walk proudly down the beach with your shirt off, you have to make a change.

Time is ticking and a lot faster than you think.

12 weeks isn't a long time but it's long enough to radically change your body, your habits, and ultimately, your life.

Change is hard, no doubt about that, but here is what will happen if you don't...
  • 1. You'll keep doing what you been doing (which is nothing) and nothing will happen. Your waist will continue to grow, your health will continue to decline, and you'll look and feel like shit.
  • 2. You'll start a random program, try it for a short while, then quit when you don't see results. You're not alone on this one!
  • 3. You'll commit to changing your life and get after it. You'll take responsibility for your health and well-being and make it happen. 
I have your solution
The FitDadNation 12-week custom workout program is that third option. And I can tell you from experience, 12 weeks is long enough to give you incredible results; the kind that can change the entire direction of your life.

No longer will you be the fat dad who won't take his shirt off at the pool. No longer will you be out of breath after climbing three flights of stairs. No longer will you be the dad who has to keep making new holes in his belt to accommodate his growing waist.

Just imagine what you'll feel like when you have shed 20 pound of ugly body fat and have lost those mushy love handles and sagging man boobs.

This is not only possible, it's guaranteed!

And this is where you get to do that. Right here. Right now.

Give me 12 weeks, follow the exact program I give you, and you WILL be blown away at how awesome you look and feel.
You can realistically expect to:
* Drop 10 pounds of fat or more
* Lose a dozen total inches
* Drop two pant sizes
* Have more energy and confidence

I know this because I've been doing this exact thing for dads just like you for the last 19 years and it works. 

  Why this program will work for you
Workout programs are a dime a dozen and many are nothing more than generic exercises thrown together. A fully customized program however is something much different.
               Let me explain:
1. It's written for you and you alone. Your program is designed with your specific goals, resources, and schedule in mind.

2. It takes 100% of the guesswork out of training. Everything is laid out for you, just follow along.

3. It saves time by using highly efficient exercises and exercise combinations. The days of the two hour workouts are over. Plus, as a busy dad, you don't have any time to waste.

4. It will kick your ass. Want results that will blow your hair back (assuming you still have some?)? Put in the work, follow the program, and eat like you give a shit and you WILL see the results.

  Whether you want to get into shape to look good, be a role model for your kids, have tons of energy, or to date smokin' hot women, it all starts with your commitment to doing it!
Let's face facts. What you're doing right now isn't working.

You've been putting this off for way too long and time is moving a lot faster than you think. You're going to wake up one day and be 60 and wonder where the best years of your life went.

Being fit improves every single aspect of your life from your relationships, your confidence, your quality of life, and the length of your life.

Living long enough to see your kids grow up is one thing but being healthy enough to be active and engaged with them is another.

Strength and cardiovascular training are critical aspects of getting fit and without the know how, you may be wandering around doing ineffective or even harmful exercises.

Let me provide the structure and framework for the healthy and fit man you are capable of becoming and take all the guesswork out of your workouts.

Remember, here is what you stand to benefit:
  • Drop at least 10 pounds of ugly body fat (often much more)!
  • Lose a dozen total inches or more!
  • Drop at least 2 pant sizes!
  • Have far more energy and confidence than you've had in years!
Are you ready to change your life? 
If you’re ready to hit the ground running, here’s how:
1. Click here to order your custom program

2. You’ll receive an email with a questionnaire which will get the process started

3. You'll receive your fully customized 12 week program within 48 hours, complete with exercise video demonstrations

4. 24/7 email support is just a click away

Don’t waste another day of your life wanting and wishing you had a better body. It can happen and will  happen if you make the commitment to making it happen.
Improving the quality of your life is priceless and comes at a very small cost. For a limited time, you can get your fully customized 12 week workout program from Men's health expert Steve Roy for only $97.
You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't do what you've been doing for the last month, year, or decade and put it off until tomorrow.

Many times, that tomorrow never  comes...

Now is your chance to turn your life around and become the man (and dad) you were designed to be.
Keep in mind that this program only works if you do. It's not a cure all nor will it instantly make you look like a Greek God.

What it is is a detailed road map specifically designed for you based on your  needs, your goals, your  body, and your  life.

Your coach,
Steve Roy
P.S. For the cost of a single night out with your friends, you can take the first step in changing your entire life.